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Born in a boat yard in South Florida in 1998, TUUCI has quickly become a leading manufacturer of marine-grade shade equipment around the world. Founded and Chief Product Architect, Dougan Clarke, began TUUCI with a singular vision: to design and create the most durable, stylish and functionally supreme shade systems in the world. Furthermore, these products had to be based on a modular system of simplified maintenance and increased resilience to the outdoor elements.  

Shade design

Over the past 19 years, TUUCI’s products have won multiple international design awards, featured in countless design publications, awarded more than a dozen international utility and design patents, and graced the decks of the finest luxury yachts. With artistry inspired from the sea and a background in marine fabrication, Clarke uses his skills as a craftsman from the yachting industry along with practical experiences within the outdoor furnishings industry to create the most unique and function shade structures.   “It is my goal to create an intimate relationship between TUUCI’s shade architecture pieces and the environments in which they exist,” Clarke said. “Our structures are designed to provide enjoyment, luxury and a leisurely lifestyle for years to come”.  

Shade worldwide

We welcome you to explore our collections and full line of products. You’ll quickly see that our intention is to share natural comfort in its most basic form – a cool place in the shade. With a global presence throughout the US, Europe, the far East and South America, our journey is simply to complement the shade the natural world already provides.    





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  • 02 nov 2017

    TUUCI, the creator of the most innovative, unique and stylish shade solutions in the industry for over 20 years, will be at the Downtown Design Dubai, a key element of the Dubai Design Week that runs from November 14-17, 2017. The fair brings together the world’s top design brands to showcase their collections at this event.

    TUUCI founder Dougan Clarke’s passion for the marine industry is reflected in the pieces of which each of the brand’s sun shades are crafted. This means that each umbrella, pergola and cabana developed by the brand is meticulously designed to beautifully withstand all environments and any type of weather.

    Inspired by nature and with a commitment to innovation, the firm has created the largest range of sun protection products on the planet. Their durability, 100% replaceable parts and sense of style and design make TUUCI the unmatched shade experience not seen anywhere else in the world, with a global presence in the United States, Europe, the Far East and South America.

    The brand will showcase a selection of products from its collections at Downtown Design Dubai, featuring some of its most iconic products:

    Equinox Cabana effortlessly transforms any outdoor space into an exclusive open-air lounge. Its nautical quality aluminum structure is available in different polished finishes for a modern and marine feel as well as in Aluma-TEAK for the more traditional and warm feel of wood. Its sleek modular design can be customized with the addition of curtains, sofas and lattice roof or walls to protect it from the sun and provide the sensation of being in an outdoor living room. Several additional features like a Bluetooth controller, speaker and LED lighting are also available.

    The spectacular and elegant Plantation MAX Cantilever umbrellas feature large shapes and sizes. Its innovative “tilt” function makes it possible to angle the shade on the side post to block out the sunrays. The Aluma-TEAK™ finish blends the strength and durability of nautical-grade aluminum with the look of wood, ideal for both contemporary and traditional spaces.

    The Manta Plantation model was created as a turning point in umbrella and parasol design, with shapes inspired by the elegant way the manta ray moves through the water. A stunning aesthetic is combined with robust construction with nautical-quality materials, offering shade in a stylish and durable package.

    Innovation meets classic lines in the Ocean Master Classic line of umbrellas and parasols, creating a unique shading design through weather-resistant engineering. The brand’s focus on details and quality are reflected in the shade’s nautical-quality aluminum profile that attaches to the canopy with double seams for enhanced strength and resistance. The canopy fabric is available in an extensive range of plain colors and stripes.

    TUUCI booth number at Downtown Design Dubai: C17

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