Holland Promotion

Holland Promotion

Edmond Jacobs, CEO of Holland Promotion: "The promotion of the Netherlands is something we work on every day. Since 1996 Holland Promotion provides our government and the Dutch businesses with typical Dutch products. Creativity plays a large role in this. Our goal is to create recognizability."

Use of the 'Holland Logo'
Since 1996 Holland Promotion has been the sole licenseholder of the 'Holland Logo'. The presence of the 'Holland Logo' on a product conducts to the core value that the Dutch people stand for. These core values are: innovation, knowhow, entrepreneurship, transparency and quality. It 

The 'Holland Logo' stands for the promotion of the Netherlands. It is immediatley recognizable and connects Dutch people, products and companies on the widest possible scale. 

Officially Licensed
Holland Promotion has the exclusive rights to use the 'Holland Logo' since 1996. 

Because of the independence of the 'Holland Logo', it is applicable to almost any product. Ask the Holland Promotion team how the 'Holland Logo' can generate added value for your product and organization.


- Creativity
- Connecting
- Out of the Box


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