Het Scheepvaart museum

Het Scheepvaart museum

A story of the sea 

Michael Huijser - director Scheepvaartmuseum and Betty van Steinvoorn - Manager 'Compagniefonds':"The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam serves as a source of reflection on the past and an inspiration for the future of the Netherlands. The museum tells the story of the sea, a maritime past in which our ancestors viewed the sea as an opportunity, left safe harbours and sailed into the unknown without fear. They journeyed to far-off lands, took enormous risks and battled the elements. Many dangers were faced and survived as these intrepid adventurers belief in their own abilities, their captain and their ship helped lead them to success.

This is also the story about the drive of the Dutch to seek out challenges and discover new frontiers. The character and prosperity of the Netherlands have been shaped by its maritime past. The National Maritime Museum cherishes this legacy and shares this story in order to inspire coming generations to face new trials and make new discoveries. The National Maritime Museum is also an active cultural enterprise and an outstanding location for all sorts of business events, meetings, weddings and even the ceremonial christening of superyachts. The museum is housed in the beautiful Arsenal building, the former storehouse for the Dutch Admiralty which has been at the heart of Amsterdam since 1656. This depot used to provide ships with various necessities such as sails, ropes, drinking water, crew and stock.

Today the completely renovated historical building has various multifunctional rooms which are suited to any number of events. The inner Open Courtyard has a spectacular glass roof that means it can be used all year for events, receptions and dinners. The glass roof also gives the Open Courtyard a fantastic, intimate atmosphere."


- The National Maritime Museum shows how Dutch culture has been shaped by the sea. Stimulating, interactive exhibitions allow visitors to explore 500 years of maritime history.

- The National Maritime Museum is an outstanding location for all sorts of business events, meetings and weddings. 

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  • 17 okt 2017

    Over the years, the Netherlands has cultivated a whole host of pioneering maritime inventors. Innovation on and around the water has been thriving for centuries, from Cornelis Drebbel's first working submarine in 1620 to the Ortega Submersible, winner of the Piet de Jong Innovation Award in 2016. And from the fastest freighter in the Dutch Golden Age to the 3D printer, which may well make freighters a thing of the past very soon.   

    At the exhibition 'Game Changers | maritime innovations', you can marvel at 25 of the most beautiful, exciting, and strangest inventions in Dutch maritime history. The exhibition showcases revolutionary discoveries that not only invigorated the shipping industry and the economy, but also left a lasting impression on Dutch society as a whole. The collection also contains a number of woeful, time-consuming, and costly failures.  

    Visit The National Maritime Museum and embark on a voyage into the world of visionary pioneers, inspirational heroes, and dangerous con-men. For more information click here.  

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