1 March 2016

HISWA Holland Yachting Group and Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers sign sponsorship agreement

Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers officially signed a sponsorship agreement with HISWA Holland Yachting Group on 24 February 2016.


Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers is a leading full-service law firm that provides transactional, litigation and mediation services in shipping, transport and insurance. The firm is based in Rotterdam and has clients within the Netherlands as well as in international markets. Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers has been involved in advising yards, subcontractors and owners in this particular niche area of shipbuilding for more than two decades, and is highly regarded for its in-depth knowledge of the superyacht industry.

“We deal with the legal ramifications of contracts in the superyacht business every day,” says managing partner Arnold van Steenderen. “There are many avoidable problems in contractual situations and we believe we can provide builders and their suppliers & subcontractors with valuable assistance in identifying and better controlling the risks involved in any large-scale yacht construction project. Our goal is to strengthen the legal and administrative basis of a project.”

“We are delighted that Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers has become a sponsoring partner of the HISWA Holland Yachting Group,” adds Jeroen Sirag, export director of the HISWA Holland Yachting Group. “We see a valuable partner in Van Steenderen Mainport Lawyers which embraces the Dutch superyacht industry and can advise our members and us specifically on various relevant law topics. This is a strong added value for the group.”

The primary objective of HISWA Holland Yachting Group is to promote the Dutch superyacht industry and its partners. The group distinguishes itself as a premium quality brand and has an international presence as a proactive and effective association that encourages craftsmanship, innovation and creativity. Leveraging on its strategic collective plan, the HISWA Holland Yachting Group thus makes a major contribution to the export position of the Netherlands as a whole.

(picture Charlotte van Steenderen and Jeroen Sirag)