Vitters Service has opened a facility in Palma de Mallorca

18 jun 2019

Vitters Service has opened a facility in Palma de Mallorca to maintain a reliable, fast and accessible service for all yachts.

The Service Organisation in Palma is an independent subsidiary of Vitters Shipyard and will be supported from the headquarters in the Netherlands. Vitters Service executes continuous quality control on board all yachts and maintains the existing network of reliable and high-quality partners and suppliers. For almost thirty years, Vitters Shipyard successfully builds and maintains yachts with the in-house engineering and workforce as well as reliable partners and suppliers.

CEO Louis Hamming: “Vitters Service works with excellent employees, who are proud of the Vitters organisation and who propagate our Vitters mentality. We intent to provide an all-round superior service and are able to deploy and implement modern technological developments which are in line with our Vitters quality standards.”

With the permanent base in Palma, Vitters Service aims to support yachts with continuous, periodic and incidental maintenance. Vitters Service is able to instantly respond to service and maintenance demands from new-built Vitters yachts and refits as well as all other yachts in need of assistance.

With Vitters Service in Palma, Vitters provides a service on location to maintain high-quality Vitters standards.

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