Split in HISWA Holland Yachting Group

Superyacht yards determine their course 26 sep 2019

A number of superyacht yards and suppliers will be taking their leave from the Think Yachts Think Holland export programme established by the HISWA Holland Yachting Group (HHYG) in 2020. Some of these companies will join the Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) association, which will be setting up a superyacht platform next year. The large superyacht yards are currently members of both HISWA Holland Marine Industry and the NMT.

The loss of an important section of the larger HHYG member companies will mean that the complete export portfolio and various campaign elements can no longer be carried out. HISWA Holland Marine Industry regrets that its offer to NMT to establish an alliance in the form of a combined export programme for the superyacht yards, shipbuilders and maritime suppliers was rejected. It will now examine its options to establish an adapted export programme under the Think Yachts Think Holland flag.

The motivation behind the transition is the fact that the HHYG board has its doubts about how the position of the superyacht cluster would be secured within the new HISWA-RECRON trade association. The HISWA Holland Marine Industry will be merging with RECRON, the trade association for leisure businesses, next year.

“The position of HHYG and the content of the work and export programme are not up for discussion in the new merger,” says Geert Dijks, HISWA Association director. Although HISWA Holland Marine Industry and the HHYG board performed a member satisfaction survey, established a multi-year Superyacht Cluster Work Programme and ensured the sector an independent managerial position, some representatives of HHYG sought out partnership options with NMT. This resulted in an alternative NMT programme: a new version of the HHYG export package and the work programme of the HISWA Holland Marine Industry. Dijks: “This year marks HISWA’s 50th anniversary as an export promotor, and we will continue to apply our unparalleled knowledge and experience in this field for our members.”

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