Pon Power introduces new engines for yachts and pleasure craft

C7.1, C8.7 and C12.9: reduced total cost of ownership, no visible smoke. 03 feb 2016

Caterpillar® has recently expanded its range of sustainable and reliable engines for yachts and pleasure craft with three new engines: the C7.1, C8.7 and C12.9. “The new series has expanded the 300 to 735 kW range with three, exceptionally compact engines,” notes Jochem Neuteboom, Commercial Director Marine at Pon Power. “The newly launched Cat® engines are especially attractive for RIBs pleasure crafts.. And, the fact that these engines do not produce visible smokeis sure to appeal to demanding yacht owners”, said Neuteboom.

The development of these engines for a large part was focused on optimizing combustion efficiency, across the operating range. Optimal combustion is achieved thanks to a second-generation common rail fuel system that has resulted in improved fuel economy, lower noise levels and practically no visible smoke. The innovative air control management system delivers good torque and accelerator response at low speeds while the turbo ensures the engine is extremely fuel efficient also at higher speeds. A closed crank case ventilation system ensures the engine room and the air stay clean.

The Cat C7.1 was already available as generator set and is now also available for propulsion. The engine is designed for minimal maintenance and the service related components are easy accessibleThe inspection interval for the self-tensioning multi-belt has been doubled, which immediately reduces maintenance costs. With a value of 0.2 BSU (Bosch Smoke Unit) visible smokeare negligible.

The Cat C8.7 and Cat C12.9 are equipped with an electro-magnetic mechanical compressor. Low end-torque and load response are unique in maritime engine technology. The engines can be controlled using existing Cat marine systems as well as with other engine control systems and the patented Cat Three60 Precision Control maneuvering system. Both engines can be serviced either from the left-hand or right-hand side and can be combined with Pod propulsion systems.

Whereas Caterpillar engines traditionally stand out with their yellow color the standard color chosen for pleasure craft engines is a Matterhorn white. The color as well as the finishof the enginemeets the standards of the yacht building industry. The heat-sensitive parts are black.

The C7.1, C8.7 and C12.9 engines can be ordered from Pon Power as per direct.

Cylinder capacity: 7.1 liter                       Total length: 1.095 mm
Output: 299,336 & 372 kW                      Width: 798 mm
Rotational speed: 2.300 RPM                  Height: 854 mm
Net weight: 750 kg                                   Certification: CCR2, IMO ll, EPA Tier 3R

Cylinder capacity: 8.7 liter                        Total length: 1.218 mm
Output: 478 kW                                          Width: 881 mm
Rotational speed: 2.300 RPM                    Height: 984 mm
Net weight: 1.041 kg                                   Certification: CCR2, IMO ll, EPA TIER 3R

Cylinder capacity: 12.9 liter                      Total length: 1.476 mm
Output: 625, 735 kW                                 Width: 1.195 mm
Rotational speed: 2300 RPM                    Height: 1.117 mm
Net weight: 1.672 kg                                   Certification: CCR2, IMO ll, EPA Tier 3R

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