New 3500E series leads renewability into the future

New 3500E series leads renewability into the future

13 apr 2017

Papendrecht, 13 April 2017 –

With the introduction of the new 3500E series Caterpillar continues to lead the industry with more efficient and cleaner marine engines. The 3512E and 3516E models can be ordered via Pon Power as per direct. The 3500E series has been designed in conjunction with an integrated Caterpillar-developed emission reduction system. The advantage for the customer is that the complete system is certified ex-factory to satisfy the strictest emission requirements, including IMO Tier lll. The engines also stand out with their compact design. Another significant bonus for users is that the engine delivers 5 to 7% efficiency savings. 

In order to satisfy the IMO Tier III emission reductions regime the E-series was designed with a Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) and closed measurement system ensuring emission targets continue to be achieved over the engine’s entire life span. In order to enable the catalyst to be flexibly installed on any ship it is supplied in a range of U- Flow and Z-Flow models. Even with the catalyst the back pressure remains unchanged so that, in the event of an engine overhaul, the exhaust emissions system does not require modification. The systems are available in a broad range of ratings both for propulsion engines (1000 – 2525 Bkw and continuous) and power generators (50 Hz, 60Hz and variable speed).

Benefits of the new 3500E
The development of the 3500E series has been a scrupulous process involving in-depth discussions with customers to accurately map the needs of their industries. Nearly the entire engine was modified and lab-validated over a period of 39 months, simulating the conditions in which the engines commonly operate. Optimal engine tuning forestalls potential problems of the catalyst with minimal engine loading or rapid power acceleration. Disengaging a cylinder, for instance, assists in extending the life of the catalyst. Optimal combustion additionally reduces visible exhaust gases. The engine is certified under IMO Tier III and covered under the full engine warranty offering product users access to Caterpillar’s worldwide service and parts distribution networks.

Rich history
The 3500 series is a robust and reliable engine that has proved its merits the world over. In the 1980s Caterpillar introduced the first generation 3500 engines, a family of high speed diesel engines for power generation and marine applications. The engine was a winner from the outset and valued for its reliability and significantly reduced service intervals. Electronically controlled fuel injection was introduced in the 1990s, and with the new generation 3500E engines a new standard was set in the market.

About Pon Power
Pon Power B.V. is an operating company of the Pon family concern and official dealer for Caterpillar engines and power systems in the Netherlands since 1926. Pon Power is a market leader in energy solutions built on Caterpillar engines as reliable power source. With extensive knowledge of its markets Pon Power delivers more than an engine or generator alone. It offers expert advice tailored to the customer’s needs, fast service via the worldwide Caterpillar service network, and a range of related product and maintenance services.

Caterpillar is a world leader in heavy-duty construction and mining equipment, diesel and gas engines, industrial turbines, generator sets and heat-power installations.
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