Neptune to unveil his secret at METS

19 nov 2015

Neptune. The god of the sea. Who, as Roman legend has it, has been governing the wild waves of all seas with his pack of horses since before time. But in recent years, in the depths of the Big Blue sea, Neptune has been harbouring a deeply buried secret. Together with his beloved Aphrodite he has been increasingly longing for his retirement. However there was not a single successor he considered capable of taking over this important task. That was until the arrival of the MagnusMaster. For in the MagnusMaster, Neptune has finally found a worthy successor. At METS Neptune will unveil his secret. He will announce his retirement. He will officially hand over the baton - or trident as he likes to say. And with DMS Holland in place, he will take to the seas with confidence. For the MagnusMaster is an innovative rotor system that controls the waves and ensures perfect stabilisation. From now on Neptune will also be able to enjoy his well-earned retirement. But once Neptune, always Neptune. Someone who strives for perfection. And with the MagnusMaster stabilising all the boats so very well, so much so that they are all calm upon the water, Neptune can finally take up his passion for being 'on the green' even on the deck whilst still fully enjoying looking over his beautiful blue…

During METS Neptune himself will be present at our stand (10.321). Together with him, we as DMS Holland would be delighted to welcome you and inform you personally about our MagnusMaster and its convincing groundbreaking qualities: compact, extensive diagnostics, maintenance free, quick and easy installation and full CANbus. At the same time, you will be able to also take a look at the proven technology of the DMS stabilisation system AntiRoll: the innovative breakthrough in stabilisation systems for yachts 30 meters plus.

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