Moonen Journal: The making of Matica

22 mar 2016

Welcome to a special issue of Moonen Journal from the heart of our yard in Holland. The images below capture the current state of play as our craftsmen, engineers and electricians work tirelessly on the very first Matica motoryacht from our semi-custom Caribbean series.  

Before we explore the photos it is only right to say that the other people involved in this exciting build, the owners, have visited us many times. Obviously you won’t see them in the images – we take client privacy very seriously here at Moonen – but as launch customers they are having a major influence on the design and layout of this 30-metre/100ft superyacht.    

“The owners are very involved in the build process and enjoying it immensely,” explains Nicky van Zon, project manager at Moonen. “We are still very much on track to meet the schedule, which is a testimony to the planning here at Moonen, and the close relationship between our designers, engineers, builders and subcontractors. Everyone is putting in maximum effort to have the first Matica finished to the highest degree of Moonen quality.”   Here you can see that the hull construction, including the fairing and the primer, has now been completed. The fairing of the superstructure is also almost finished. This image captures the beauty of the lines of the new Caribbean series very well, including the curved windows on the main and bridge decks. The lovely recess in the hull is also clear here and the modern aesthetic of the Matica really comes into her own. We can’t wait to see what this will look like on the water.  

The carpentry on the lower deck is finished and all we have to do is add the fabric panels and install the blinds. In this photo we see the VIP suite forward on the main deck, where the ceiling panels are being installed above the large window panels. Here too you can see the dramatic curve offered by the graceful lines of the Matica.  

Much of the evidence of true superyacht build quality is never seen by those who board the finished product. An amazing amount of wiring has to be perfectly installed throughout the vessel, and it all comes together in the nerve centre which is the wheelhouse. That’s the stage we’re at now. 95 percent of the kilometres of cables have been meticulously wired up by our electricians who work closely in tandem with the carpenters. Now it’s time to turn to the wheelhouse where everything starts and ends, home to the advanced navigation and control systems on board the Matica.   Let us return outside for our final image, where we can see one of the unique features that separates the Matica from other Moonen projects in the past. The entire transom can be transformed into a giant hatch, which opens aft to form a large swimming platform. This hatch has now been removed for painting but tests showed that it fits like a glove. Note how the fixed stairway on the starboard side will connect this superb leisure area to the main deck.  

Like all models in Moonen’s Caribbean series, Matica will benefit from Moonen’s stringent quality control as well as Moonen’s superior warranty terms and after-sales service. Meanwhile, the hull of the first ever Martinique motoryacht is almost completed and her superstructure is taking shape. If you are interested in taking over this pioneering 37m/120ft project, click here for more information.

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