Hybrid Technology in Maritime Industry, seeing is believing

02 nov 2017

As a pioneer in the Electrical & Automation Maritime industry, RH Marine has built up solid experience in the field, with hybrid systems in service for 5 years. These award winning designs are cost effective, reliable, safe and easy to operate. The first hybrid system was installed on an ocean going car ferry and the latest 1MW hybrid system was installed on an 80+ meter motor yacht. RH Marine hybrid experts will demonstrate the fully functioning hybrid system on Europort this year.

Operational results
Big data analysis of these ferries has shown cumulative fuel saving of 35% on a predictable route. 12% of the savings can directly be attributed to RH Marine’s Energy Management System (EMS) and 23% due to overnight charging. Measurements on board the 80+ meter hybrid motor yacht have shown a fuel saving of 12% even though the load profile is unpredictable. 11% of these fuel savings are directly related to RH Marine’s EMS. 

RH Marine’s hybrid experts see that in order to make the owner optimally benefit from hybrid technology, it is essential to be involved from the conceptual design phase through the entire build of the vessel. RH Marine understands that the total cost of ownership should not only concern fuel usage or the maximum running hours of the generators but also includes the battery lifetime and other wear and tear related costs.

Future development
The next step in EMS development is implementing a complete smart grid on board a ship, to further optimise energy generation and consumption. RH Marine foresees that additional fuel savings and improved power quality can be achieved by consumption forecasting and controlling. Based on the ship’s operational profile and requirements, RH Marine can advise and design the optimal power & propulsion system.   



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