Heesen Yachts New 85m Dry Dock now Open!

Heesen Yachts New 85m Dry Dock now Open!

14 nov 2016

On November 11, 2016 Heesen Yachts officially opened the 85m dry dock and their 90m accompanying shed.

Previously announced during a press conference in June 2015 at the Heesen shipyard, the new dry dock and accompanying shed have now been completed in just 15 months.

This infrastructure development at the facility in Oss is Heesen’s investment in the future and response to the market’s request for bigger yachts. The initial results of the outstanding success of Galactica Star, and now that of Galactica Super Nova –  largest yachts to date - have generated great interest in the shipyard. Heesen Yachts is now ready to expand the size of the yachts up to 80m.

The new 90m shed is equipped with the latest technology resulting in an efficient and ergonomic working environment. Controlled atmosphere and temperature is possible thanks to central-heated floors – even in the dry dock – along with special air filters and humidifiers. The new shed is conceived to reduce unwanted impact on the environment. In order to save energy automatic sun-tracker lights and dimmable LED lights have been installed that enable flexible lighting options.

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