Esthec® the coolest choice for the new Swan 60S

26 jan 2016

Internationally acclaimed yacht builder Nautor’s Swan has selected Esthec® to use on the first model of the new Swan 60S. The Esthec® composite deck offers substantial advantages: it has a luxurious feel and is easy to maintain, is extremely slip resistant and colourfast. The deck will be in a light, modern colour so that the it stays cool, even in high temperatures. The custom-made SWAN 60S will be presented to the public for the first time at the Boat Show boot Düsseldorf, in hall 16, booth A58.

An aesthetic flair, contemporary interiors and leading technology make the Swan 60S highly desirable, for both cruising and racing. The Swan 60S is distinctive in its large cockpit, practical helm position and spacious area below deck. Each yacht, built in the Finnish town of Jakobstad, is individually customised, allowing the client to choose from various options like open or closed transoms and various keel lengths.

Cool deck
The owner of this Swan 60S wanted to have this beautiful yacht fitted with an Esthec® composite deck. A number of yachts in an earlier model of the Nautor’s Swan, the Swan 45, had already been fitted with an Esthec® deck and the new owner of this Swan 60S saw with his own eyes the beauty and fine quality of this composite deck. His choice also had the approval of Nautor’s Swan Benelux, which had had excellent experience with the Esthec® deck in the past. The luxurious feel of the material also makes Esthec® the perfect choice for the Swan 60S. Another benefit for the yacht owner is how easy an Esthec® deck is to clean: since it does not absorb moisture, no algae grows on the deck. The material is also easy to maintain and remains colourfast for years.

A distinctive feature of the deck on this Swan 60S is its light shade, called “platinum”. This colour, developed by Esthec®, offers a major functional benefit: it ensures that the deck will stay cooler. Even in high temperatures, like you find around the Mediterranean, it remains cool underfoot. This is a big advantage, in additional to all the other unique qualities of this deck. And, naturally, the light-coloured deck is also aesthetically pleasing, just what you expect from a luxury yacht.

Experience of a top yacht racer
Gideon Messink, owner of Nautor’s Swan Benelux and three-time participant in the Whitbread Round the World Race, the forerunner of the Volvo Ocean Race, was closely involved in the development of the Swan 60S. In his view, Esthec® decking offers a number of advantages over a teak deck. “Esthec® is low maintenance and offers more design possibilities than teak. And Esthec® is slip resistant, something that is very important to a sailing competitor. I've had a lot of experience with Esthec® during races and I know just how good this material is. But let's not forget, slip resistance is also a big plus in cruising too.”

Messink expects that an increasing number of his clients will opt for Esthec® in the near future. Yacht owners understand that the quality of teak is diminishing and the harm that is being done to the environment when these trees are cut down. That makes Esthec® the better choice too when it comes to sustainability.

The Swan 60S will be “launched” during the Boat Show boot Düsseldorf, which runs from 23 to 31 January 2016. Other yacht builders that have also elected to use Esthec® will be present at this international boat show too: Saffier Maritiem (hall 15, booth D27), XO Boats (hall 05, booth E21), Axopar (hall 05, booth D19/D20), Interboat (hall 17, booth A04), Artic Yachts (hall 05, booth C46), Delphia Yachts (hall 17, booth C24) and K&M Yachtbuilders (hall 07a, booth B08).

Download here the press release.

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