26 jun 2017

More fuel efficient and cleaner engines are a spearhead at Caterpillar. In 2017 the company is rolling out several launches introducing an engine series which not only comply with US EPA T4 emission requirements but also satisfy IMO Tier III certification standards. The C32 series is the second launch (after introduction 3500E series) to satisfy the above certification requirements and these engines can be ordered via Pon Power as per direct. The C32 is a reliable heavy-duty power source for yachts, dredging vessels and inland and maritime navigation.

The C32 series is lauded for its power density and serviceability in a wide range of uses. Moreover the new C32 comes with a Caterpillar designed integrated Selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), which ensures that the emissions levels defined under IMO Tier lll are able to be achieved over the entire life span of the engine. The engine not only meets IMO Tier lll standards but is equally compliant with IMO Tier lll. The post-combustion emissions reducing system required to achieve this is available in several configurations in U-Flow or Z-Flow. The system shares many components with the larger 3500E series but uses only about half the number of filter blocks.

First sales worldwide 
The compact dimensions of the Clean Emissions Module (CEM) is one aspect that has drawn positive reactions from customers. During the launch of the new C32 in Papendrecht in early May, more than 100 customers witnessed the IMO Tier III C32s in action inside a purpose-built demonstration engine room. Pon Power boasts a world premiere in having now sold the first new series Cat C32s. 

New applications
The 2018 version stands out with newly designed air filters and an optionally integrated sump ventilation system. In the cooling water system, the hoses are replaced with hard water pipes to reduce maintenance costs. To achieve an even more compact engine the expansion tank on the engine has been omitted. In addition the engine features the Cylinder Cut off Strategy, a technology enabling cylinders to be disengaged to prevent low temperatures occurring in the engine. This protects the engine from pollution, extends the life of the catalyst and reduces visible fumes. The IMO Tier III engine furthermore deploys Total Fluid Optimization; a software-aided, optimally efficient fuel and urea delivery system. The resultant high-precision tuning of fuel and urea ensures emissions levels remain continually within accepted norms. 

Ready for the future
The new C32 engines are designed for increased operational reliability at lower operational cost thanks to improved fuel efficiency. In addition, the engine is provided with an integrated CEM which comes as a complete operational unit and is covered under full Caterpillar warranty. The engine satisfies IMO Tier III certification standards and is also US EPA Tier 4 compliant, the latter being nearest to the imminent EU Stage V directive for inland waterways.

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