Announcing VBH & Atlas Cybersecurity’s elite high-end superyacht cybersecurity solution

02 okt 2019

VBH and Atlas Cybersecurity are proud to announce their partnership dedicated to providing the most exclusive and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions tailored to superyachts. To mark the occasion VBH is offering a free five-day cybersecurity assessment for superyachts developed by Atlas Cybersecurity. The founders of Atlas are advisors to governments on cyber security and at the forefront of cyber legislation. They are also fully aware of what superyacht owners and captains need to know in order to be compliant with the International Maritime Organization's Cyber Risk Management for Safety Management Systems resolution.

The Atlas Cybersecurity solution includes 24/7 live support by a team of military-trained analysts which investigates suspicious and malicious activity and takes immediate action to address the risk. Superyacht owners can rest easy knowing that the VBH-Atlas Solution does not access any files or information, but rather leverages on artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to analyse metadata (data about your data) produced by these systems.

“The results of the assessment will make it very clear whether a superyacht is running any risks onboard,” explains Benjamin Dynkin, co-founder and CEO of Atlas: “We provide a detailed report showing exactly what issues there are and what action is required. It explains how to protect owners and their family, guests and crew. The fact that these technologies are also used by Fortune 500 companies illustrates that they are a proven product as these leading firms accept nothing less.”

Securing the entire superyacht
The array of VBH-Atlas Cybersecurity solutions will ensure that superyacht owners and captains can quickly understand what precautions must be taken. The solution examines both the IT and OT networks aboard the superyacht and any anomalies that are detected are analysed by a team of experts who provide insight and advice on what level of security is required.

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