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The seaproof style of ZID
Continuing in the fine Dutch tradition of yacht building, ZID offers a complete range of interior design and finishing. Building yacht interiors requires specific skills, and with over 35 years of experience, we have the knowledge and  expertise to ensure an exemplary result.

Specific elements
Creating a fine interior in the yachting industry means not only developing a functional design, but one which is also pleasing to the eye. Fabrics have to be beautiful, but they also need to have inherent characteristics to ensure their longevity for sea conditions.

Customer fit
The most important thing for a yacht’s owner is for their ship to suit their personality and their own unique requirements; a ship that fits its owner is a joy forever.

Total design
Every part of a yacht’s interior needs to be uniquely and carefully shaped for each specific room. ZID is special in that every step in this process is performed by in-house specialists.

ZID offers conceptual design, advice, experience and after sales care without losing the special touch of making even the finest detail count.

Upholstery and curtain studio
ZID’s leading upholstery department is one of the largest in The Netherlands. ZID’s quality standards are high, which is why we only use handmade curtains from our own modern and well-equipped studio. Our embroidery machine enables us to personalise fabrics and other materials to provide exclusive designs for the discerning yachtsman.

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  • High quality upholstery and installation
  • New, refit and repair
  • Family-owned since 1941
  • Interior Decoration
  • Galley & Cutlery equipment
  • Linen suppliers
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