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Aston Martin AM37
With an automotive background (the Van Rooy family has been trading cars since 1924, and Peter worked as Sales Director for the Dutch boutique sports cars maker Spyker), Peter Van Rooy is Director of Marketing and Business Development at Quintessence Yachts, manufacturers of the very first Aston Martin AM37 day boat. It is this cross-fertilisation between the automotive and yachting worlds that inspires him: “The AM37 is a piece of art in its own right and sets a new standard in terms of performance, engineering and finishing. I cannot think of any other example that has taken the ‘aquamotive’ concept to such a high level. It is an absolute pleasure to represent such a wonderful product.”

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About Quintessence Yachts                             
Headquartered in the Netherlands, Quintessence Yachts was founded with the mission to offer highly exclusive maritime experiences in terms of style, performance and design. The company proudly employs a multi-cultural management team with extensive experience within the luxury yachting and automotive sectors.

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The mission of Quintessence Yachts is to find genuinely innovative ways to bring classic concepts from outside the yachting industry into a maritime environment.

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  • 01 jan 1970

    Quintessence Yachts is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Van Rooy as Director, Marketing and Business Development. Peter will be enhancing the AM37 worldwide penetration, while strengthening the positioning of Quintessence Yachts in the luxury yachting industry.

    With the AM37 world debut in Monaco last September, Quintessence Yachts established itself as innovative, high-end manufacturer of the first Aston Martin powerboat, a true revolution in the yachting world.

    Yet, Quintessence Yachts mission is to innovate also in the way the AM37 is brought to the market, in line with Aston Martin’s guidelines. The contemporary marketing strategy also includes state of the art technologies and meaningful brand experiences, which are part of Quintessence Yachts’ unique proposition.

    “Our strategy is to put our client at the centre of all our activities, and that is why the marketing role within the team is crucial. One of the most interesting aspect of the AM37 is the cross-fertilization between the automotive and the yachting worlds - said Mariella Mengozzi, Quintessence Yachts CEO – with Peter’s automotive background, the team now oversees both environments, complementing each other’s competence.”

    Peter Van Rooy gained his experience in the luxury market at Spyker, as Head of Global Sales and member of the management team, and more recently in commercial space with XCOR Space Expeditions, where he was responsible for the global network of Space Agents, business development and the acquisition of corporate accounts.

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