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Johan Dubbelman - CEO at Moonen Shipyards: "From the moment I joined Moonen in 2002 I knew I’d become part of something special. I was instantly struck by the family atmosphere at the yard, a sense that this was a place where people join because they love being part of a team which creates amazing motoryachts. As a qualified naval architect, I understood the technical aspects that go into ensuring each and every Moonen is exceptionally comfortable. But I really had to sail on board one to appreciate just how quiet and smooth the ride is. That was and remains a revelation each and every time.

The years I spent on purchasing & project management at Moonen also gave me a unique insight into what Dutch quality really means on a superyacht. A period as sales manager then allowed me to spend more time with clients, often repeat owners who needed little convincing of why a Moonen is among the best yards in the world for gentlemen’s yachts and go-anywhere vessels from 30 to 50 metres in length 

Now, as CEO of Moonen, it is a privilege to see the decades of experience at this yard being successfully translated into refreshing future-proof ideas. Our Caribbean line of semi-custom motoryachts showcases the characteristic Moonen attributes in terms of comfort at sea, low fuel consumption, reliability, low operational costs and respected Dutch heritage. Then there is the Navarino concept, a 47-metre global traveller which combines the features of an ‘explorer-type’ motoryacht with an elegant profile.

Whatever your tastes, wherever you like to cruise, Moonen can provide you with custom solutions. Tell us your story and let’s work together on taking it to the next level."

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  • Custom and semi-custom superyachts between 30-50m (100-165ft)
  • Refits up to 50 m (165ft)
  • Moonen Brokerage
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  • 01 jan 1970

    In addition to building custom superyachts, Moonen also has a thriving refit department that serves yachts up to 50 metres. The first-class engineering expertise found at their yard in Den Bosch is increasingly being put to good use in partnership with neighbours DMS, a company renowned for its patented antiroll stabilizers and MagnusMaster roll damping system.
    One of the current projects involves a 21.5-metre Stentor Luxe, designed by Vripack. “This fine motoryacht was not originally fitted with a fin stabilizer system because the owners felt nothing available on the market when she was built in 2006 was suitable,” explains Patrick Noor from DMS. “Twelve years later, however, our in-house-developed MagnusMaster roll damping system meets all their criteria. Another key requirement from the clients was that their yacht have the new system installed at a top Dutch yard… So Moonen was the obvious choice.”
    Patrick says that his clients are always pleased to have work done at Moonen. “The yard has an excellent reputation for building yachts of exceptional quality and people looking to refit their much-loved yacht know she’ll be in good hands with Moonen.”
    Another reason why the cooperation between Moonen and DMS is so successful is that both companies are forward-thinking innovators. “We share the same commitment to ensuring that people have the most pleasurable experience when sailing,” adds Patrick. “Comfort when underway is enhanced by stabilizers and the DMS systems are popular as they are retractable. Moreover, a prime benefit for refits is that the systems can be placed anywhere on board. Add in the superb quality of Moonen’s refitting department and you have the ideal stabilisation solution for refits.”

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