MarQuip is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of exhaust systems for luxury sailing and motoryachts. The company is widely recognised as a global leader in underwater exhaust outlets and water-cooled exhaust systems.

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Everything starts with passion
A comparatively young company, MarQuip was founded in 2001 to design and supply exhaust systems specifically for the luxury yacht sector. Jeroen van der Matten was hired in 2005, and Dennis Bravenboer joined the company in 2007.

“We are two young and enthusiastic general managers with a sincere passion for MarQuip and the solutions we produce,” Dennis says.“Jeroen is an experienced naval architect with shipbuilding is in his blood. Like me, he’s a family man who loves to spend his spare time on his own sailboat with his loved ones. We know how important teamwork is at home, and we try to deploy many of the same principles in business. We know that the MarQuip team is decisive for the success of our endeavours.

“What drives us at MarQuip is a flair for interaction – with yachtbuilders, owners, management companies, captains and crew. The purpose is to improve the quality of the exhaust systems onboard and consequently the comfort on the yachts. This interaction again sees us all pitching in together as a team to achieve the best results.

“At MarQuip we have a profound understanding of the individual, often very original, desires of our clients. This is paramount to success in the superyacht industry, as such quirky requests drive innovation, which in turn is a key component of our own motivation.”

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  • Back pressure control
  • Noise attenuation
  • Anti vibration control
  • Exhaust cooling control
  • Emission control
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  • 19 jul 2017

    MarQuip, the leading expert in underwater exhaust outlets and water-cooled exhaust systems, is creating a marinised IMO TIER III-certified exhaust system for a leading Italian yard. Working in close cooperation with its partners, the Dutch company has developed a fully custom module silencer/SCR system that will combine the working principles of Selective Catalytic Reduction – which eliminates most harmful NOX compounds – with highly efficient noise reduction.

    The silencer/SCR module is fitted on MarQuip’s effective water-injection piece with underwater exhaust, and achieves a noise reduction of 35 dB(A) while complying fully with IMO TIER III NOX limitations. The marine-proof new system successfully fulfilled a range of requirements linked to the client’s needs and the engine specifications.

    The first challenge was staying within the maximum backpressure specified by the engine manufacturer. This was particularly complicated by the fact that adding after-treatment equipment to exhaust systems can have the adverse side effect of increasing backpressure. MarQuip’s specially designed underwater scoop helped reduce backpressure significantly while staying well within the designated dimensions.

    The second step was noise reduction. This goal was achieved by utilising the high-frequency noise reduction capabilities of the SCR unit and complementing them with a dedicated low and medium-frequency silencer part.

    The third and last step was to make the SCR unit fit for marine use. MarQuip engineers knew from experience that pressure pulses in waves of up to 500 mbar in heavy weather cause equipment to undergo low cycle fatigue. They carried out strength calculations which showed that a standard SCR unit fails after only 600 pressure pulses. The design was strengthened accordingly, and its ability to withstand pressure pulses significantly increased. The new solution complies with the highest marine standards.

    Production of the new silencer/SCR system has already started, and it is slated for delivery in the beginning of September.

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  • 14 nov 2017

    METS is the Premier European exhibition of equipment, materials, systems and services for the international leisure craft trade and industry.

    METS is the number one platform for marine products. Meet distributors, dealers, retailers, wholesalers and representatives from the boat building, repair and design sectors in an international environment with visitors from over 90 countries. With at least 150 journalists from the trade press on the look out for news and product stories, the chances for networking are second to none.

    Meet the Dutch Marine Equipment Suppliers in the Superyacht Pavilion Hall 10 and 11 in the two Holland Pavilions. 

    Heritage, Innovation, Creativity… and much more besides await you. Enjoy the Dutch hospitality and share your thoughts with specialists from every area of the Dutch superyacht industry.

    We look forward to seeing you in the HISWA Holland Yachting Group bar to give you all the information you need about our members!

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