‘’Stay connected, anywhere and anytime’’

Aura Duiveman, the marketing & communication manager of M2MBlue, believes that this slogan represents the essential value of M2MBlue.

M2MBlue is the solution provider for the maritime sector since 1993.
We provide ICT solutions on board, for example hardware and software as well (internet) connectivity and infotainment (TV, video and music).

All the services we provide to our cruise and superyacht customers, are managed and monitored 24/7 by our own network operating center.

We see a significant growth of internet demand and usage from passengers and crew. To support this demand, we offer high broadband connectivity, using specialized routers which bond all the available connections into one big secured link, terminated into our data center. In our data center we manage these connections further and add the highest security levels.

For connectivity; we offer the best performing global and local 4G/3G data SIMs from tier 1 carriers, as well as satellite connectivity if required. In addition, we own and operate dozens of base stations throughout Europe at strategic port locations for offloading the data traffic to our own fiber network. 

A new innovation is our CloudSIM technology, where physical SIMs are centrally stored in our data center and virtualized in the router at customer location. With this unique and patented technology, we improve quality and costs even further.

Intrigued? Please connect me at aura@m2mblue.com, anywhere at anytime!

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  • 01 jan 1970

    The future is nearer than expected for tugs. This Tuesday (26th of June) & Wednesday (27th of June) a demonstration will be given presenting a new innovation enabled by combining several stakeholders’ core value. Alphatron, Kotug (Rotortug), Veth, OnBoard and M2MBlue cooperated and developed a remote controlled sailing system for tugs. This system enables a tug to sail unmanned and to be steered over distance.

    The various stakeholders contributed to this project in the following ways: Rotortug is the owner of the tug used in this project and Kotug is the overall project manager. Alphatron installed the camera visualization and system integration in the consoles. Veth integrated the steering and engine control system to switch from local console to remote control and vice versa. OnBoard installed the conversion of the steering and engine control signal to internet protocol and vice versa. M2MBlue integrated a stable data connection with VPN tunnel, an optimized data connection with LAN and 4G bundles combined. The entire IT system is installed by M2MBlue using hardware of Viprinet. The data stream is determined by the amount of cameras and the amount or nautical information (e.g. Radar, Ecdis ) that is being displayed.

    This new system will be presented during the ITS in Marseille (begins on 26th June), which is the leading convention & exhibition for tugs, salvage and OSVs. Alphatron exhibits on the ITS with a bridge on their stand. Approximately thousand kilometers away is a tug, the ‘’RT Borkum’’, anchored in Rotterdam. From the bridge on Alphatron’s stand in Marseille will the Borkum be controlled and steered to sail over the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam.

    Because of the fact, that this system is still in the testing phase a captain will be on board the Borkum, due to the rules and regulations are not yet ready for commercial unmanned sailing. However, the captain will not sail but is a passive spectator. Everything the Borkum will do is managed from Marseille!

    Follow the demonstration in Rotterdam LIVE on Wednesday 27th of June on the Facebook page of M2MBlue.

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