Marcel van der Spek - Commercial Director Esthec: "Basically, Esthec’s roots go back to 1964. Two people began developing composites that year because they saw a bright future in the replacement of timber, steel and tar.

15 years after the ambitious start of this Dutch company, their composite material was being applied on large and renowned cruise ships. Another 15 years later half the world’s cruise market wanted nothing but this composite material and another 15 years later more than 75% of the market is dedicated to it. Hundreds of cruise ships daily navigate the both calm and rough seas with the proven certainty of these indestructible, durable decks.

Esthec is a strong and solid material that consists of composites and fillers. Click here to read more about the core.
The success story is far from over. In 2009, Esthec was founded by that same Dutch company. Building on these tested and successful cruise decks, Esthec is a decking material that in aesthetics and material accurately ticks all the boxes for the yacht industry. Not based on traditional standards, but on a sharp focus on the future.

Renew itself
Esthec continues to renew itself and keeps looking for ways to improve our product, our production processes and our application. Our basic principle: we want to do it even better and more economically. In our drive for innovation we are naturally aware of our social responsibility. To act with respect for people and the environment is an important core value. Quality management is another focal point. Sales, application and production have been certified by companies that have been accredited by the Board of Accreditation. Esthec’s certifications include EN-ISO 9001 en EN-ISO 14001."

Choosing Esthec requires a certain amount of progressiveness.  However, our experience tells us: once crazy about Esthec, always crazy about Esthec. Who is next?

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  • 31 okt 2018

    Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, 31 October 2018 - The Dutch boat company Waterdream, owned by Bernhard van Orange, has made a name for itself with beautiful handmade aluminium design motor boats and yachts built in the Netherlands. The boats can be completely customised to the customer’s wishes. To provide the boats with the ultimate personal touch, Waterdream works together with Esthec®: the composite decking material is available in various colours and gives each boat its own look. The innovative Fibre Optics system by Esthec® is available as an option on one of the Waterdream models. With this system, lighting in every conceivable shape can be integrated in the deck. “In terms of philosophy and innovativeness, Waterdream and Esthec® are a perfect match,” Bernhard van Oranje concludes.

    Over the past six years, Waterdream has built up an excellent reputation in designing and building handmade aluminium boats that stand out for their sleek design, stability and handling in the water. Because the boats are made of aluminium, they require virtually no maintenance. The boat builder’s product range includes fast sailing seaworthy boats in four different lengths. Although the boats are based on the sloop, which is one of the oldest designs in shipping, Waterdream has taken the design to a higher level. A revolutionary hull design provides greater buoyancy and unprecedented stability.

    Waterdream distinguishes itself in the market by the fact that the boats can be fully customised to size and taste. “A boat is an individual product,” says Bernhard van Oranje, founder of Waterdream. “We offer our customers numerous options, both in terms of exterior and interior, enabling them to completely personalise their boat. Think of things like special colours, a customised interior, exclusive upholstery and special underwater lighting.”

    This is also why Waterdream has joined forces with Esthec®. The composite coating material is offered as an option on all models of Waterdream. According to Bernhard van Oranje, as a Dutch company, Waterdream enjoys likes to work together with the best Dutch suppliers. “Esthec® is a good match with our wish to offer options to personalise boats. The decking material and joints are available in different colours. That allows you to really give a boat its own look and fully personalise it. That applies not only to the outside deck, but also to the cabin and the wet room. The material is also easy to maintain and fits in perfectly with the low-maintenance aluminium from which our boats are built. And an Esthec® deck always stays cool, even when the boat is in the sun all day.”

    Fibre Optics: a great experience
    According to Bernhard van Oranje, his company is looking for partners who are just as innovative as Waterdream. His company wants to lead the way with innovations that make sailing even more enjoyable. Therefore, Waterdream offers the innovative Fibre Optics system by Esthec® as an option on one of its models, the Waterdream S-850 Speedster. The Fibre Optics system, which uses glass fibre, makes it possible to integrate lighting in the deck in every conceivable form. Bernhard: “The floor of our Waterdream S-850 Speedster is illuminated at night with beautiful lines and the Waterdream logo. A great experience. With Fibre Optics, we show that you can really personalise our boats. Buyers can also, for example, have the name of their boat depicted in the floor. The extras offered through Fibre Optics are a good match with our type of customers.”

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  • 13 nov 2018

    METS is the Premier European exhibition of equipment, materials, systems and services for the international leisure craft trade and industry.

    METS is the number one platform for marine products. Meet distributors, dealers, retailers, wholesalers and representatives from the boat building, repair and design sectors in an international environment with visitors from over 90 countries. With at least 150 journalists from the trade press on the look out for news and product stories, the chances for networking are second to none.

    Meet the Dutch Marine Equipment Suppliers in the Superyacht Pavilion Hall 10 and 11. 

    Heritage, Personality and Stability… and much more besides await you. Enjoy the Dutch hospitality and share your thoughts with specialists from every area of the Dutch superyacht industry. We look forward to seeing you in the HISWA Holland Yachting Group bar to give you all the information you need about our members!

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