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De Keizer Marine Engineering - an ambitious family business

De Keizer is an ambitious family business based in the Netherlands. With passion for its work and a commitment to engaging with clients and their ideas, the company ensures that customer expectations are met and exceeded. De Keizer has specialised in the installation of custom electrotechnical systems in superyachts and ships since 1965

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''My name is Niels de Keizer and I am financial director of De Keizer Marine Engineering. My grandfather Anton de Keizer started a traditional ship repair company in Amsterdam back in 1965. It was a time when computers and software were the stuff of science fiction and only James Bond had something remotely comparable to a smartphone.

Anton was a forward-thinker but I doubt that he dreamed about the complex switching systems we design today. Could he have envisaged a helicopter platform that rises from the nose of a yacht when a helicopter arrives? Even my father, Johan de Keizer, could surely not have believed such developments possible when he switched from electronic marine installations for inland shipping to the superyacht market in the early seventies.

A company managed by two brothers
One thing I am certain of though is that they would be proud of the company that my brother Sjoerd and I manage today, with nearly 200 employees and multiple international offices. They would admire the DekaSmartGrid, our intelligent power consumption system. And they’d be impressed at how De Keizer Marine Engineering combines the best technology and software to minimise fuel consumption, keep environmental impact to a minimum and optimise the space that people enjoy onboard their yachts.

Our company has seen fifty years of craftsmanship and innovation, but one thing has remained unchanged: De Keizer Marine Engineering is an ambitious family business that loves to master any challenge that comes our way."  

Half a century in maritime installations
In the 50 years since its establishment, De Keizer Marine Engineering has been transformed from a start-up to a designer of unique top-quality products. As yachts are equipped with an increasing number of electro-technical installations and computer-controlled alarm, monitoring & control systems, De Keizer Marine Engineering leads the way in finding the ideal solutions.


De Keizer works with its clients to provide high quality installations of complete onboard electrical systems that include operating equipment, alarms, monitoring, and even entertainment units.

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  • 09 apr 2015

    The 155 meter Royal Yacht Al Said (build at Lursen Germany) has decided to visit MB92 during April and May for several job items to get done on board. As a co-maker, subsidiary De Keizer Spain had a significant technical roll during the tender for this project. Additions, services and surveys are mainly the job items for this Mega Yacht.

    De Keizer focuses on a wonderful cooperation in Spain.

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