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Dutch open-mindedness and short lines of communication

“Every company has its own view of entrepreneurship and how best to create products for the market it serves. Built around its founders' attitude and experience, Hydromar has 90 years of experience since our foundation in 1928. This gives us lots of stories to tell from over the decades and many different products to share.”

When Rob Montijn joined Hydromar in 1983, the progressive mindset prevalent there encouraged his own curiosity in developing a wide range of hydraulics for yachting. “Almost all the products in our range today have grown out of full custom products from the 1980s and ‘90s – back in those days we had to invent and manufacture many parts ourselves, as so little was ready-made and available. During the past years Hydromar developed the Seascape, a moving bathing platform. Started as a custom build the Seascape is now part of our standard product range, available in three sizes and as a custom build XXL version.

Nowadays Hydromar’s exceptional performance rests on a focus on high-end quality yacht building with close cooperation and flexibility from both supplier and yard. Our teams combine Dutch open-mindedness with short lines of communication. Although the products we develop are almost always based on standard solutions, they can be fully tailored to the requirements of any specific project.

If you are curious about any of the themes we cover please contact me to see how we might be of service”.
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Tailor made equipment based on standard solutions for motor and sailing yachts from 30 to 85 m.

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  • 16 sep 2019

    The Seascape is a hydraulically moving bathing platform for super yachts and cruise ships. The bathing platform is based on a Z-shaped movement and is produced in several sizes with optional variables. This way, Hydromar is able to engineer and produce the yacht exactly according to requirements. With its unique crankshaft mechanism, the Seascape represents a major boost to the stability of the steps and platform. It has two sets of cylinders which drive the unique crankshaft system. The platform is always delivered with a complete and tailored platform.

    The Seascape's upper platform has integrated shear pins to deal with the critical loads caused by excessively large waves hitting from below. The integrated shearing mechanism can be replaced by the crew in case such a wave has struck the platform. The Seascape can be used and restored even if the shearing mechanism has not been repaired. We created a reliable bathing platform this way, that won't be damaged beyond repair due to extremely rough seas.

    Hydromar delivered the first Seascape bathing platform to its customer around the middle of 2017. It concerned a model SSC-2 with seven self-inclining steps and a medium-large platform measuring (LxW) 2.5 x 2.0m. The next Seascape to be delivered followed shortly after that: in November 2017 the first of four XXL platforms was delivered to shipbuilder VARD. This shipyard is constructing four new expedition ships, luxury cruise line explorers for Ponant, and Hydromar has been asked to supply an XXL platform for each one. Since July 2018, cruise liner Le Lapérouse (131m) has sailed the world over with a Seascape XXL on board.

    Furthermore, Hydromar was asked to supply three Seascapes for the largest trimaran in the world, the White Rabbit. This super yacht was launched at the beginning of September 2018, to subsequently start her sea-trials. One Seascape is used as swimming platform at the back of the middle float, while the other two Seascapes serve as bridges, connecting the two outer floats to the middle one.

    The first test model was shown during the Monaco Yacht Show in 2014. At the end of 2016, the first orders were placed and from mid-2017, the first Seascapes were delivered to the shipyards. The shipyard and the crew are satisfied with the Seascape.

    The technical design with con-rods and a double-cylinder crankshaft system makes for a very reliable mechanical drive.

    The platform does what other platforms can’t and supports a lot of weight. The most obvious advantage is that the platform does not shear off under unexpected excessive force from the waves. The platform has been fitted with shear pins that will break under such force. It will allow the platform to move with the waves rather than against them. It will still be possible to take the platform on board hydraulically and once in the yacht harbour, only the shear pins will have to be replaced.

    In September 2018, Hydromar and its staff were guests on board of Le Lapérouse, which was made possible by the hospitality of Ponant and the crew on board. The crew set the Seascape in motion for us, so we could have a first-hand experience of just how powerful and imposing this XXL Seascape is. At the same time, the crew were able to tell us about their experiences while working with the Seascape.

    That the market was waiting for a platform such as the Seascape, is clear. Hydromar is to deliver two additional XXL Seascapes to Ponant, a second Seascape Type 2 to Heesen Yachts and a Seascape Type 1 for an Italian yacht currently being built by Feretti. In addition, one Type 1 is in its trial fit phase, various Type 2 versions have been sold for a refit and a new-built, and an order has been placed for the first ever Type 3 to be built.

    Hydromar is very pleased with this development!

    Seascape's advantages are:
    ·         The complete “all-in” scope of delivery incl. the hydraulic powerpack with E-control box and PLC controls.
    ·         Incl. the moving part of the platform in aluminium.
    ·         Optional extra: a closing hatch, manual as well as hydraulic.
    ·         Semi-custom-made

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