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The HISWA Holland Yachting Group represents the world’s leading companies in the superyacht industry: people that combine heritage, stability and personality to create motor and sailing yachts of the highest quality. Here we give you a virtual introduction to our members and their stories, ambition and passion. All of them would be delighted to meet you in the real world too.

Our mission is to foster international trade and strengthen the competitive position of the Dutch yachting industry on the world market by uniting a group of carefully selected companies based in the Netherlands. Centuries-old traditions in sailing and shipbuilding have helped the Netherlands gain unrivalled knowledge and experience and establish itself as the world’s best when it comes to building the perfect superyacht.
By constantly developing over the years of our existence, HISWA Holland Yachting Group has acquired exclusive knowledge of the industry. More importantly we have built long-lasting relationships with all major yards, suppliers and media representatives. This has greatly strengthened the position of our members on the international market and is one of the main reasons why HISWA Holland Yachting Group is an ideal platform for its members.

Three pillars

Firm Foundations: Heritage, stability and personality are the three pillars that form the foundation of the Dutch yachting industry, as well as the HISWA Holland Yachting Group. They have helped us earn an unrivalled reputation around the world.

Most of our members started out as family-owned businesses, and quite a few retain that status to this day. Fathers pass their knowledge onto their children down through the generations. This endless cycle helps keep the tradition and passion of yachtbuilding thriving in a country with centuries of boatbuilding heritage. In Holland, history matters…

Dutch superyacht companies are renowned for being financially stable, highly reliable and delivering on time and budget.  They’re also famed for their fast service, well-trained staff and close-knit network of yards & suppliers (within a 200km radius), which means experts in each field have often worked together for decades. You’re in safe hands with the Dutch.

Dutch superyacht yards & suppliers are run by distinctive personalities with a clear vision and strategy. This is balanced by the overall down-to-earth mentality of the Dutch in a country where authenticity is highly valued. Many owners say that being part of a build in Holland was one of the finest personal experiences of their life.   Find out why…




HISWA Holland Yachting Group undertakes a number of activities in order to promote its members' products and services and strengthen their position on the global market. Annual boat, trade, art and lifestyle shows afford excellent opportunities for member companies to showcase their products and/or services. They also allow attendees to broaden their knowledge of available goods and services. Leading examples include the Monaco Yacht Show, Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and the METSTRADE in Amsterdam. As a member, you can benefit from our all-inclusive package price for these events, ensuring that your participation involves no unexpected costs or secondary calculations.

Our tours are specific and established events that promote our members'  products and/or services while also increasing international trade between Holland and other countries through inbound trade missions. The tour engages in a series of matchmaking appointments between the Dutch yachtbuilding industry and a group of international business or press relations. They ensure a balance of cultural events and business meetings, including opportunities for sightseeing and visiting individual companies. We organise inbound trade missions for journalists, naval architects, interior designers and project & purchasing managers.

Membership directorie on our website and in our e-newsletter, which list members alphabetically and by area of expertise/interest, provide further opportunities for networking.

Regular events such as seminars feature knowledgeable speakers who address current and critical topics related to international trade and specific regions.     
Additionally, special events provide in-depth educational knowledge and training in important aspects of international trade in new, upcoming and existing markets.

A special press service provides members with a launch pad to ensure their news reaches the national and international industry & lifestyle media. 

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