ATPI is one of the leading corporate travel organisations in the Netherlands. Established in 1997 as a small travel agency in Aalsmeer, it has evolved into a global company active in over 40 countries. Under the name ATPI Corporate Travel we serve as a professional travel manager for companies. The ATPI Griffinstone business unit combines our global expertise and fares for travellers in the shipping, offshore, energy and yachting sectors. In addition, ATPI Corporate Events and ATPI Sports Events are active in corporate and business related events.

Enabling performance
Our organisation is characterised by entrepreneurship, close client relations and technological development. One of our core values is enabling performance – helping your employees make the most of their potential. This value applies specifically to our services: in all that we do – from booking a ticket for an engineer, arranging a hotel during your sales manager’s exhibition visit or organising a major event – our focus is on ensuring you can rest assured that everything is taken care of. This allows your people to head out into the world with peace of mind, fully focused on doing what they do best for your company.

Bespoke travel
“As Head of Sales it is my task to properly map your travel needs,” says Jochem Hemink. “What is the purpose of your employees’ trip? What task should they excel at and how can we facilitate that as a travel agent? In addition to analysing the wishes and demands of individual travellers, I focus on the organisation around them. Who books the travel and how are the travel costs documented and budgeted? I then ensure that the solutions provided by ATPI are in line with your company needs and allow you to be more efficient and focused with your travel budget at lower costs.”