Van Berge Henegouwen

Van Berge Henegouwen

For Kees Groen, project manager at Van Berge Henegouwen, the relentless pace of change in Audio Visual / IT technology ensures that every day brings something new. Keeping up with the latest developments is a never-ending race, but the pace of innovation both within VBH and in the outside world is exhilarating, bringing with it new challenges on a daily basis.

“For VBH it is vital as the technology partner to be fully aware of what’s new and what’s coming,” says Kees. “As a team we’re always exchanging information and ideas via things like knowledge cafés: everyone gets together after work to eat pizza, discuss new technology developments and see how we can implement them on yachts. It’s all part of what I love about working at VBH.

“We not only specialise in Audio Visual and IT, but also in lighting and security and bespoke installations that merge art and technology. It’s both exciting and inspirational to see the different technical disciplines within VBH working together to realise a project. The potential of what can achieved is always growing since technology develops so fast. Anticipating the future requires us to be flexible and agile and keep thinking ahead. The process of integration is as much an art as a science, and when everyone with their different skill sets and specialisations works as a team the results can be truly exceptional. Combining the very latest in technology with the beauty and craftsmanship of the world’s finest yachts is something of which I never tire.”



Integration of entertainment, communication, lighting, IT and security systems.

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  • 19 jul 2016

    Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH) has delivered the first onboard Living Technology system that integrates the Apple Watch with the Pivot control application. The result is new levels of convenience and service quality for superyacht guests and owners. This has been developed in response to the wish of a superyacht captain to raise the quality of his onboard service even higher than before.

    Calling the crew - the Apple crew watch system builds on the capabilities of the VBH Pivot control system with the mobility, flexibility and convenience of the Apple Watch. Following extensive development work, VBH has extended the steward call function of the Pivot control system to allow calls placed by guests to be received by the crew in a discrete fashion on Apple Watches. VBH has implemented Apple push notifications to make sure that calls are received even if the watch is not active. 

    When a crew member receives a call he / she can accept the call, which informs both the calling guest as well as other crew members that the call has been received and assistance in on the way. This is an effective and discrete alternative to the use of radios and reduces the number of devices crew members have to carry around. To further add to this, VBH has also developed a central messaging system that allows messages such as information – “All Crew Guests are awake!”, notifications - “Crew Lunch is served in the mess” and alerts – “Fire alarm lower deck guest cabin” that may be received on the Apple Watches. 
    Convenient control for owners and guests - the Pivot Apple Watch app can also be used by owners and guests to control the entertainment and environment on board. After much research VBH found that the best watch interaction is one that is short and meaningful, so the VBH Watch app is designed to be used for quick exchanges of information. 

    The watch therefore features the use of contextual controls where, based on the activity the guest is busy with, only the most important controls are show on the watch. For example, when a guest watches TV the channel up/down volume and mute are the buttons immediately available. These then change to play/pause, next and previous if the guest switches to listening to music. 

    The VBH Pivot app allows users to create their own custom presets via the app. Lighting, curtains, as well as the control of the entertainment system may be stored as a custom preset for each guest. The Apple Watch app extends the capability to activate these presets directly from the watch. 

    “This new service is another step in our quest to bring the latest technologies to our customers and merge them with other onboard systems to deliver experiences that are both pleasurable and convenient,” says VBH CTO Ameet Sarvaiya. “We call this Living Technology as it refers not only to the way in which individuals can define and control every aspect of their environment, but also to the fact that our systems are designed to grow and evolve over time with minimal disruption. We welcome challenges like this that owners and captains bring to us, and the opportunities that they present to use existing products in new ways, or to develop something entirely new.”

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  • 15 mei 2017

    The programme contains a balance of cultural events and business meetings, including visits to individual members of the Holland Yachting Group. Previous participants have reported how pleased they were with the opportunities the tour provided for networking with leading specialists in their sector. And you enjoy an unprecedented behind the scenes look at Dutch manufacturing facilities.

    Holland Yachting Group Tours are organised by the Holland Yachting Group, which promotes its members products and/or services, and stimulates trade with other countries via incoming trade missions.

    Registration for the Dutch Superyacht suppliers Tour 2017 (15 May - 18 May) is only possible when you have received a personal invitation. If you have any questions, please contact HISWA Holland Yachting Group,

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