Royal Huisman, 133 years of superyachts experience. 

Royal Huisman takes pride in building and refitting unique custom yachts. Yachts up to 90 meters, modern or classic, sail or motor. Choose aluminium, carbon composite or a combination of these materials. Royal Huisman focuses on quality rather than quantity. Founded in 1884 Royal Huisman has evolved from modest builder of wooden workboats to multiple awardwinning creator of some of the finest superyachts in the world. Royal Huisman is an extraordinary blend of 21st century technology and innovation, traditional craftsmanship and timeless values. 

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One of our stories

‘’I started at the shipyard knowing that they had a healthy reputation as a leading builder of custom yachts built in aluminium. What I didn’t realize as I do now, is that the same specialist skills and craftsmanship was being equally applied to Royal Huisman’s Advanced Composites Division where I have served for 14 years now. Performance optimisation is an increasingly important factor for our customers. Royal Huisman is fully equipped to build or refit carbon fibre hulls and superstructures to the highest standards that I could have imagined. The work of Royal Huisman is enhanced by the use of a laser-cutting machine for shaping carbon fibre cloth with pinpoint accuracy, as well as a five-axis 3D robotic milling machine that is interfaced into the design computer. I’m most proud to have been part of the growth and success of this division.

What keeps us busy at Royal Huisman? Currently I’m working on the pre-preg layup for the hull and deck of a 65-foot all-carbon sloop and a 58m high performance sloop with various composite components to complement its Alustar aluminium hull. (Huisfit, the shipyard’s refit division, is also in the process of converting a famous all-carbon offshore racer by adding a lifting keel, new superstructure and a full lightweight interior.)

Royal Huisman is no ordinary custom shipyard This is because our in-house expertise and purpose built facilities that house all the main trades associated with custom yacht building. From mechanical systems to cabinet making, we provide our customers with an ‘all under one roof’ approach to custom yacht building. I can only imagine that this has to be a rewarding experience for our customers.”

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Royal Huisman takes pride in building and refitting unique custom yachts, modern or classic, sail or motor, up to 90 metres (300 feet) in length in aluminium, carbon composite or a combination of these materials  with a dedicated focus on quality rather than quantity.

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  • 27 jul 2017

    Dutch superyacht builder Royal Huisman and Palma based P&G Yachting, renowned for their bespoke support services to the yachting industry, have joined forces to expand their activities and portfolio in Palma, offering expert services, maintenance, refits, spare parts and temporary importations to all superyachts.For Royal Huisman, the joint venture brings an official presence in the region, which also encompasses its sister company Rondal.

    Royal Huisman’s Managing Director Roemer Boogaard explains: “Palma has established itself as the service hub for superyachts in the Mediterranean, and based on our existing liaison with P&G Yachting as service provider, we strongly believe that we can add value with our expertise and experience as a shipyard, making our knowhow available to yachts built by us and also to any other superyacht requiring refit, maintenance, service or assistance.”

    This expansion of Royal Huisman – with its headquarters in Vollenhove – into the Mediterranean follows the earlier announcement regarding the exclusive use of Emden Dockyards and the facilities of Holland Jachtbouw after its termination later this year. Or as Roemer Boogaard puts it: “It was the next logical step in our strategic plans for the future”. Alisdair Galbraith, Managing Director of P&G Yachting adds: “After many years of working closely with Royal Huisman and Rondal we feel that this is a natural step that will add immense value to our respective clients. P&G Yachting will continue to offer the highest standard of service now boosted by the knowledge and skill set of one of the most revered yards in the superyacht sector.
    We are extremely proud to be joining with the Royal Huisman ‘family’ and look forward, very much, to welcoming our existing and new clients to Palma.”

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  • 27 sep 2017

    The Monaco Yacht Show is the representative of the luxury yachting sector: shipyards, brokers, designers, equipment manufacturers and other luxury goods. Holland’s leading role in the superyacht industry has created a special relationship with the Monaco Yacht Show. Each year the Dutch pavilion is packed with visitors keen to see what our members have to offer, and the quays also have many Dutch superyachts on the show.

    Personality, stability, Heritage … and much more besides await you. Join us as we showcase 10 stands of Dutch suppliers, all packed with new innovations. Enjoy the Dutch hospitality and share your thoughts with specialists from every area of the Dutch superyacht industry.We look forward to seeing you in our Holland Pavilion to give you all the information you need about our members!

    Visit the Holland Pavilion at Quai Antoine 1er B
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