Every Masterpiece begins with a dream, with Ribbon Yachts this dream comes true

Technology, design, comfort and quality are integrated in every yacht, resulting in ships with astonishing performance and modern design, for the ultimate relax moment. In the old days luxury was strictly about the object, now days it is about the total experience. The high powered engines and extreme look, breath true muscularity. Suitable for in a James Bond movie, but designed for the everyday man, woman and family that appreciate all the amenities you would expect in a luxury yachts. Every detail, inside and out, is taken in consideration.

Made in the Netherlands

On the Ribbon assembly line, people make the difference. The expert technicians dedicated to the production of a new Ribbon have floret the product developments proces for the last year. The all have an genial level of in-depth technical knowledge as a result. Assembly technicians follow every phase of the process personally and, at the end of the line, perform rigorous quality control tests to ensure that all component function perfectly. The finished yacht is then handed over to the expert test drivers for dynamic performance testing under a wide range of conditions. Only than is a new Ribbon declared to take the lakes or the sea.

In a World Without Bounderies

By combining many years of Experience, eye for detail and connection with the best brands in the yacht industry and design world, the Ribbon designers have developed yachts with optimum drive comfort and unprecedented quality.Building your Ribbon is a creative process, during which you are involved in making your yacht exclusieve yours. Personalize your yacht by choosing from a wide range of colors and materials.

Every Ribbon is unique, like yourself


  • 27 sep 2017

    The Monaco Yacht Show is the representative of the luxury yachting sector: shipyards, brokers, designers, equipment manufacturers and other luxury goods. Holland’s leading role in the superyacht industry has created a special relationship with the Monaco Yacht Show. Each year the Dutch pavilion is packed with visitors keen to see what our members have to offer, and the quays also have many Dutch superyachts on the show.

    Personality, stability, Heritage … and much more besides await you. Join us as we showcase 10 stands of Dutch suppliers, all packed with new innovations. Enjoy the Dutch hospitality and share your thoughts with specialists from every area of the Dutch superyacht industry.We look forward to seeing you in our Holland Pavilion to give you all the information you need about our members!

    Visit the Holland Pavilion at Quai Antoine 1er B
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