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Every yacht starts with a vision, the OWNER’S VISION. About how the yacht looks and how it feels. But THE PERFECT YACHT can only be the perfect yacht when it is the owner's perfect yacht. When it touches the lives of those who come onboard in exactly the way the owner intended.

Some things, it seems, cannot be done, perhaps, because they’ve never been done before. Finding solutions requires an OPEN MIND, a focused mind. This is how we build not just the perfect yacht, but the owner's perfect yacht. Only when we achieve this can we say BUILT BY OCEANCO.

Open Mind
Oceanco is a world-class builder of custom superyachts in the 80–140 meters range. In a relatively short period of time Oceanco has become one of today’s leading brand names in superyachts. We firmly believe this success is a result of  our open-minded and dedicated approach. We follow market trends closely and listen carefully to whatever it is you expect from your unique yacht before we start creating and building. From the very first sketch until the launching we take every step in close consultation with you.



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  • Custom superyachts in the 80–140 meters range
  • Highly designed and engineered
  • Innovative DNA to achieve what has never been done before
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  • 03 mei 2017

    The future belongs to young talent. And that’s why Bolidt, Esthec and Oceanco got together to organise a special event for young designers active in the luxury yacht industry. On 26 and 27 April 2017, 22 talented designers from around the world gathered at the Annual Young Designers Getaway (#TAYDG for short) held in Hendrik Ido Ambacht in the Netherlands to get to know the no-limits possibilities offered by Bolidt and Esthec. A truly unique event, this was the first time this collection of young talent came together as one group.

    Broad programme
    There was no doubt about the level of talent present at this event: the invitees included the finalists of the 2016 Young Designer of the Year Award (presented by Boat International) and alumni from recent years. The two Dutch designers and 20 others from around the world (including from countries like the USA, Lebanon, Italy, Spain, Turkey, China, UK, France and Germany) were offered a broad programme. The programme started on Wednesday with a tour of the head office and innovation centre of Bolidt and Esthec in Hendrik Ido Ambacht. Next, the designers gathered in the 'Culture Barn’ to brainstorm on the future of the luxury yacht industry. They also visited the yard of luxury yacht builder Oceanco in Alblasserdam to experience the use of Bolidt and Esthec first hand.

    Sharing knowledge
    #TAYDG is intended to challenge young designers to dream, and to have these dreams come true in the Netherlands. It’s to get them thinking out of the box on topics like functionality, durability, energy and aesthetics. The participants and the organisers were very enthusiastic about the first day, with the knowledge-sharing and exchange of experiences being considered especially valuable. Take it from the participants themselves. Antonella Scarfello, Architect & Interior Yacht Designer from Italy says, “I really appreciated the organisation and the hospitality that Bolidt, Esthec and Oceanco reserved for me from the first minute I landed in Amsterdam. The visit to the company was so instructive: I could see these people in their beautiful working spaces really believing in what they're doing, doing research and creating innovation, involving the designers to push their limits and think out of the box.” Misha Merzliakov, Naval Architect and Yacht Designer, from Australia adds, “The informative session evolved into an inspiring one. Well done.”

    King’s Day
    On Thursday 27 April, the programme continued with celebrating King's Day, which, naturally, included a visit to Amsterdam. The group took a city tour, exploring the capital both by boat and on foot, after which the young designers joined in the King’s Day celebrations. Most of these designers were from abroad and not really familiar with this exuberantly celebrated Dutch holiday. This, too, was a special experience for most of them. Antonella Scarfello: “During the King’s Day celebrations, I had the opportunity to experience Amsterdam in a different way, enjoy the crazy side of the Dutch and spend great time with colleagues and people involved in yachting, talking about their experiences, stories and dreams. The perfect mix between fun and networking!”

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  • 29 mei 2017

    The key to writing a successful article is having the right information, preferably something that is not available to all and sundry. By visiting the premises of our members on an individual basis, you learn exactly what is happening and why. Backed up by a host of networking opportunities and sailing trips on the yacht of your choice, the Press Tour is both exclusive and productive.

    Holland Yachting Group Tours are organised by the HISWA Holland Yachting Group, which promotes its members products and/or services, and stimulates trade with other countries via incoming trade missions.

    Our members decide which magazines they wish to invite for this tour.

    Registration for the Press Tour is only possible with an invitation. If you have any questions, please contact HISWA Holland Yachting Group, info@hollandyachtinggroup.com

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