There are yachts and there are Feadships.

Every yacht we build is totally unique. Feadship clients come to us with a vision, and we start with a blank sheet of paper to translate that vision into bespoke reality. Your Feadship will reflect your style, how you like to relax and/or party, your ideas of the ultimate travel experience, the places you would like to discover, and so much more.

It is our challenge to combine all these parameters into one package and adapt the design process to every individual client. It’s what we call pure custom and it involves embarking on an unforgettable voyage through the entire process. There is also an inherent quality to every Feadship that you can only really feel when you step aboard.

This is the result of a relentless pursuit of perfection in every aspect of design, construction and engineering. Feadships are the product of perfect craftsmanship passed down the generations and are renowned for holding their value. Together, this is what makes up the Feadship Experience… An investment in your pleasure that will live with you forever.

Feadship is defined by its superb craftsmanship and sets the standard in every aspect of design, engineering and construction.
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  • 06 jun 2017

    Feadship has launched the 73-metre Hasna, the first Feadship built for an Australian owner. The client is a proficient yachtsman who has poured all his considerable experience in life and business into his first bespoke Feadship. Hasna is a true family Feadship, blending a variety of home-from-home entertainment features within a timeless sculptured exterior and a suave, beach chic interior, both created together with RWD.

    “The story of this Feadship very much revolves around the journey of the client and his family,” says Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl. “He was the first owner ever to give a speech at the start of the build to the entire workforce, sharing his life story and why this Feadship would be so important to him and his family. They were very involved in the build and the owner also flew his friends halfway around the world to share the fun of the construction process with them on several occasions.”

    Laid out to measure
    Hasna’s layout is a textbook example of how pure custom yachtbuilding works in practice. The engine room has been placed forward of the lower deck suites so that guests can have a direct connection to the beach club, allowing the younger members of the family to easily access this prime fun location. The beach club itself – which includes a gym and a dedicated relaxation area – is not, as is often the case, placed directly on the stern, instead opening up to port and starboard with large balcony doors.

    This arrangement in turn frees up space for a deep swimming pool on the main deck aft. And because the pool was required to be eight metres long, albeit without compromising on crucial features on the main deck such as a cinema. In a similar vein, the yacht’s length was extended to provide additional facilities for crew on the lower and tank deck (including larger than usual cabins and an extra crew lounge), and even a butler’s cabin was created. 

    Everything about Hasna’s design and layout is geared towards her intended use by the family while also ensuring that she will be a fabulous Feadship for chartering purposes. An excellent example is the sun deck, which has an interior section amidships with sliding doors forward and aft. A bar runs from inside the saloon to the exterior aft deck and is divided by the sliding door, the gap for which is cleverly concealed by a sliding champagne bucket. With the doors open and everything ready, guests have 25 metres of deck available, complete with the kind of barbecue & grill set up for which the Aussies are renowned and a three-metre Jacuzzi surrounded by sun pads. This all makes for a relaxing chill out deck during the day, a buzzing party zone at night, and anything in-between that the guests might desire.

    Generation games
    A smart aspect of Hasna’s design is the way she offers distinctive areas for different generations of the family at various times of the day, while ensuring everyone still feels part of the collective whole, even when some people are indoors and others out. This is in part achieved by ensuring easy access and connecting lines of sight, and also by having a unifying flow of materials throughout the entire vessel.

    The striking textures include whitewashed oak with contrasts in stained walnut, linens and cottons for the walls with beautiful five-millimetre trims on the panels, and lots of bronze detailing. The overall interior style features a stunning array of woods and finishes: the wellness spa alone includes mother-of-pearl, dark teak, cedar, marble, metal inserts, leather and five different fabrics. The delicate use of smoked eucalyptus in the master stateroom reflects the owner’s heritage, as does a bespoke piece of artwork running from the main deck entrance up to the bridge deck. 

    Timeless elegance
    “The brief was to create a timeless exterior profile with lots of subtle details, many of which are inspired by an automotive aesthetic,” explains Charlie Baker, project manager at RWD. “Hasna’s profile has an understated elegance interrupted by standout features such as the giant swimming pool on the aft main deck with its infinity waterfall and curved glass sections. Profile elements of note include the sculptural mast structure, the subtle scoops that run around the main superstructure, and the large floating stainless steel cap rail. The latter was an incredible challenge to build, one which Feadship executed exceedingly well.”

    “The owner has been visiting boat shows for twenty-plus years leading up to this moment,” concludes Hasna’s captain Steve Barker. “Having owned and chartered other yachts, he ultimately chose Feadship for his first large build based on a conviction that quality and value for money are paramount. He was not disappointed: the craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding and a testament to the men and women involved. The owner sees Feadship as the pinnacle of custom yachtbuilding – and my experiences here during the build have confirmed that.” 

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  • 29 mei 2017

    The key to writing a successful article is having the right information, preferably something that is not available to all and sundry. By visiting the premises of our members on an individual basis, you learn exactly what is happening and why. Backed up by a host of networking opportunities and sailing trips on the yacht of your choice, the Press Tour is both exclusive and productive.

    Holland Yachting Group Tours are organised by the HISWA Holland Yachting Group, which promotes its members products and/or services, and stimulates trade with other countries via incoming trade missions.

    Our members decide which magazines they wish to invite for this tour.

    Registration for the Press Tour is only possible with an invitation. If you have any questions, please contact HISWA Holland Yachting Group, info@hollandyachtinggroup.com

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