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Meet Koen van der Well. He is curious about people, enjoys travelling, loves food and wine and, most of all, is partial to all things beautiful. At Struik & Hamerslag, he enjoys spending time with his colleagues who are highly skilled in making stunning and unique superyacht interiors. With a cool eye for detail, Koen’s colleagues in the workshop make the most complex pieces of furniture. Koen shares both their passion and their meticulous approach.

After starting at Struik & Hamerslag fresh and green around 11 years ago, Koen had the opportunity to learn and develop at his own pace at the family-owned company. He now works as a new business development manager, which has put the concept of development in a whole new perspective for him. Just like his 160 colleagues, Koen loves what he does – after all, his job is perfectly aligned with his interests.

Like everyone who works at Struik & Hamerslag, Koen does what he is good at and enjoys the most. And this is exactly what makes Struik & Hamerslag so special – the good humour, the passion and the sense of connection among the staff. It’s also perhaps why Koen is still fresh and looking very much forward to the next 11 years.

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Heritage, innovation and creativity

are the three pillars that form the foundation of the Dutch Yachting Industry