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“I remember very well the days when my father used to take me out sailing near my hometown,” says Robert Meulenberg, sales manager of Radio Zeeland DMP. “Both he and I were in love with being on the water. Almost every summer holiday we could be found in Friesland sailing on its many lakes and canals.”  

Today, Robert creates and designs bridge systems and control panels for some of the most respected yachtbuilders in the world. “The combination of high level electronics and aesthetics has always had my interest. After school I started working with high-end consumer electronics and soon got a position in sales at Radio Zeeland.”  

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Radio Zeeland DMP has been a powerful player in the industry for almost 50 years. As a manufacturer, it is responsible for creating and building some of the most beautiful bridges ever seen on superyachts. The company has pioneered new materials and was the first to create a ‘foil’ bridge followed by the world’s first ‘glass’ bridge years later.  

“Engaging in the design process, taking ergonomics into account and being part of a team of passionate people is truly motivating for me,” adds Robert. “I always look forward to assisting the yard in the design and creation of a bridge which is functional, genuinely integrated and has the highest aesthetical value.”

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