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Croon Elektrotechniek BV

Meet Alexander Tuijtel, commissioning engineer at Croon Elektrotechniek. After completing a senior technical school in electrical engineering, high current applications and electronics, Alexander initially worked in a variety of electrical engineering jobs. Ships, yachts and platforms – the diversity of systems and technologies and their rapid evolution in particular – have been Alexander’s passion throughout his life, and eventually brought him to Croon’s marine & offshore department.

Today, Alexander’s work consists of adapting alarm systems, power management and other electrical equipment on board boats. “Troubleshooting is a major part of this. I love the challenge of locating and solving malfunctions. In exceptional cases where I can’t fix the problem myself, I can always find a colleague who can. There’s an expert for everything among Croon’s tight-knit team of 15 specialists.

“On an average day, I might be at work early in the morning, working on a faulty system on a yacht in France four hours later, and back home the next day,” Alexander explains. “We’re on call worldwide, 24/7 and these kinds of assignments why my job is so rewarding. The best bit is seeing the faces of the crew once we’ve resolved the problem and everything is running properly again.”

One of the strengths of the Croon team is how identifiable they are, Alexander says. “My colleagues and I are popular guests in the marina, where they recognise us by the Croon logo on our outfits. It often happens that chief engineers from another yacht ask about solving a problem.”

Croon is a long-established presence in the offshore and shipping sector, where it has world-class knowledge of electrical engineering and instruments. The company helps keep the lifecycle costs of vessels as low as possible, and is involved as a proactive partner in every stage of the industry: planning, design, construction and operation.

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