Van Berge Henegouwen

For Kees Groen, project manager at Van Berge Henegouwen, the relentless pace of change in Audio Visual / IT technology ensures that every day brings something new. Keeping up with the latest developments is a never-ending race, but the pace of innovation both within VBH and in the outside world is exhilarating, bringing with it new challenges on a daily basis.

“For VBH it is vital as the technology partner to be fully aware of what’s new and what’s coming,” says Kees. “As a team we’re always exchanging information and ideas via things like knowledge cafés: everyone gets together after work to eat pizza, discuss new technology developments and see how we can implement them on yachts. It’s all part of what I love about working at VBH.

“We not only specialise in Audio Visual and IT, but also in lighting and security and bespoke installations that merge art and technology. It’s both exciting and inspirational to see the different technical disciplines within VBH working together to realise a project. The potential of what can achieved is always growing since technology develops so fast. Anticipating the future requires us to be flexible and agile and keep thinking ahead. The process of integration is as much an art as a science, and when everyone with their different skill sets and specialisations works as a team the results can be truly exceptional. Combining the very latest in technology with the beauty and craftsmanship of the world’s finest yachts is something of which I never tire.”


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