Hydromar Marine Equipment B.V.

Flexibility not bureaucracy

When Rob Montijn joined Hydromar in 1983, the progressive mindset prevalent there encouraged his own curiosity in developing a wide range of hydraulics for yachting. “Almost all the products in our range today have grown out of full custom products from the 1980s and ‘90s – back in those days we had to invent and manufacture many parts ourselves, as so little was ready-made and available. I became responsible for guaranteeing the flexibility required in yacht building without compromising on the high quality that yachtbuilders demand.

“Our products were soon in demand from yards creating superyachts of up to a hundred metres and more. This was when I understood that the bureaucratic approach many of these yachtbuilders deploy did not fit the Hydromar philosophy. Based on this experience, we decided that the company performed best with a focus on high-quality yachtbuilding that rests on cooperation and flexibility by both supplier and yard.

“It is very important that Hydromar be part of the construction process so that our knowledge of machining, shipbuilding and hydraulics can benefit all parties involved. This is my personal passion and one which the philosophy of Hydromar fully supports.”

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Heritage, innovation and creativity

are the three pillars that form the foundation of the Dutch Yachting Industry